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I am fat and being fat sucks in so many ways. I found that I was an emotional eater who turned to junk food for comfort. Some people who are fat that I know have been abused emotionally or physically and they binge eat to feel better. Seeing a doctor to see if I had no medical issues preventing me from losing weight and seeing a therapist to help me cope in non-food ways is helping a lot. I also do weight watchers, which is great. You can eat what you want, just not as much of what you want. I recommend it to everyone to at least try. I also recently bought an exercise bike that I ride on a daily basis. I get up 40 minutes before usual and ride, shower and then go to work. No excuses necessary. I have dropped 20 lbs in a month and still losing.



just stumbled across your blog. I'm in fashion, and I'm not fat. western society makes us feel like dirt if we don't fit the norm. if it's not about weight, it's about looks or how little money you have. so don't worry about it. try not to eat junk food, watch your portion size, exercise half an hour a day - even a brisk walk - and just try and enjoy your life OK? I want you to be happy xxx

Fat Male

Im a 17 year old male and i weigh 94kg and im 178cm. I have no idea how its measured in inches and pounds but thats how it is. I hate the fact that im fat and im going to do something about it. All you people in here dont have any problems. If you are over the age of 20 and live by yourself then you have nothing to blame it on. Im a teenager and everyday i have to go to a school full of people i hate. Every single day i go in and when i come out i feel worse. I dont actually get bullied cause nobody would dare but i just feel like im somewhat ugly. If you are fat and have a job then you should buy something so you can train your muscles or lose weight, its not that hard. The only thing you need to do is have some will power and you will be able to lose that fat and have a happy life. I would do it if i were you but because im 17 i cant do anything about it. I have to obay my parents till i get a job or untill they start listening to what i have to say. If they let me lose my weight at home with a workout machine then i would do it for a year straight and try to better my life. But no, i have to go to a crappy school with idiots who do drugs on the breaks. Which makes me feel even worse about myself and removes all the motivation that i have of improving myself. Maybe you should just accept that you are fat. Or maybe you should change your life like im about to. Maybe today maybe in 10 years, but some day. Hopefully one day i can come back and read this comment and remember the dark days when i was fat.


i'm female 22 yrs old single and still looking for job.
many times i try diet or they say i better get on my mind not to think the 'diet' to get 'skinny' but to be more 'healthy'
i watch and see here and there succesful weight lost program. i try it. eat right, proper exercise and so on . but something always come in the middle of my program. always.. there is always obstacle in the middle of it.
i've gain all fight and determine to get healthy. but.. i'm so sad .. really deep in blue, when it ruined. you know. something you cant runaway from like family, your health. and. there. after lost 10kkgs and about to continued, i stop, forcefully by condition. i realize friends around me and people at my gym see me nod consistent or wasting money. but... i cant to nothing about it. it just time wont let me to get hat i want. i just want get healthy and slim too.
i feel good when i'm looking good. but i'm still fat and looking so awful i feel so burdened everyday, i have no energy anymore. i'm desperate. i hate my self in the mirror.


I am a 28 year old female that has been fat her entire life due to genetics and polycysticovarian syndrome. I have been a dental hygienist for six years (total of 9 years in dentistry). Many people in my field are pretty little cheer-leader type girls who do not have a strong work ethic and get by on their looks (they really do). I have an excellent work record and can easily out work anyone in my field. I have been at an office where I left they hired two people to do my work because I was such a hard worker. Since the economy has been so bad I have lost my job twice. Last year I lost my job and after sending out 278 resumes I only had a few call-backs for interviews. One office said that I didn't have the body image they wanted for their office. Another said that I was so fat I was an embarrassment. One dr told me how much weight I had to loose, the amount of time I had to loose it in, and after a MAJOR make over only then would he consider hiring me. I've had a job where the we had a staff meeting on my wieght. I'll never forget the dr had me sit in a chair and pointing his finger in my face and saying, "YOU ARE FAT! YOU ARE TOO FAT TO WORK IN THIS OFFICE!", then turning to the staff and asking them, "How much weight do you think she'll gain today?". After being very upset I walked out of the room and he shouted, "Don't let the door hit your fat @$$ on the way out!". Everyone told me that this was illegal and that I should go and see a lawyer about it. Unfort, the dr was also a lawyer, and no one said that they could afford to loose their job to be my witness. That office has since closed but the emotional scars still remains. Fortunately, I am at a VERY LOVING office that loves me for who I am and doesn't care about my wieght. The dr is very old and will be retiring in a few years then I'm back looking for a job. The best I can hope for is an office that mildly tollerates fat people. More than likely I will be at an office that has the staff meeting about my fat.....again. The thing is, I'm not grossly obese. I'm chubby, but I'm not the type you would stare at in public because I'm so big. Just chunky. I care about my looks, I always have my hair, nails, and make up done and wear nice clothes. I'm ALWAYS (yes, always) SUPER nice to people! Yet, people still look at me and treat me like I'm a roach. I've seen skinny girls go out in public looking terrible, no make up, nails and hair unkept, sweat pants with a ratty shirt, act horrible to people and they still get treated better than I do. I don't get it. I have been without medical insurance for 10 years and just recently my husband got a job that has medical insurance. Unfort it doesn't cover any weight loss surgery or meds. So, here I am. Stuck in a fat jail for the rest of my life. Polycystic ovarian syndrome just keeps on packing it on me no matter what I do. I swear if it wasn't for my husband, I would pray for death everyday. My faith and my husband is the only thing that keeps me sane in this hateful world. I thank God for giving me my salvation, my husband, and a wonderful work place (for the time being). Does anyone else ever feel this way?

Sasha Alcorta



I am a 30 year old, midwestern woman. I have hated my weight since 10 years old. Food was always very comforting to me, ever since I was a child. I remember being picked on at school relentlessly. Not for my weight at the time, but for other things. And coming home from school, I would be so distraught. Food and TV would be my salvation. And as Ive gotten older, history seems to be repeating itself. In my early 20's, I was newly single, just getting out of a 4 year long, very controlling relationship. This is when I looked my best. I felt free, and I just wanted to be as active as possible. My weight was 140 pounds, thick but fit on my 5'4 frame. I felt great. Then, I met a new guy, a great guy, and we got married in 2004. I had just turned 23. For the next couple years I continued my active lifestyle. Then slowly began to return to my old ways. 2006 came around, and I found myself gaining more and more weight as time passed. 2006 I weighed around 165 Pounds. Now, its August 2012. I will be 31 in 2 months. My current weight for the last year fluctuates between 185 and 190 pounds. I am still married, and my husband says Im still hot in his eyes, but I just dont feel it. I dont have any children, and I am currently unemployed, which is no doubt contributing to my sedentary lifestyle. On top of that, I have polycystic ovaries syndrome, which contributes to weight gain as well. I desperately want to shed at least 50 pounds. I just cant seem to find the willpower and determination to do so. I feel tired all the time, and even when Im not hungry I will find myself eating. And after I binge, I feel physically naseous and I have deep feelings of self loathing and regret. I cant seem to stick to a diet and excersice program whatsoever. Why do I have to be so weak? Temptation always gets the best of me.


I am 22 years old and I am 5'8 or 9 and I weight 240 which is cociderd obese. I had a daughter 2 years ago and then I was 170 not bad, but now after having her I find myself eating way to much. I used to be very social have many friends and I had a job. Now I'm a mother of a 2 year old and I find it hard with no energy to play with my daughter. I literaly hate myself most days. 3 years ago I was in love and at a healthy weight, but I left him to be with my ex at the time and had a kid with him and ever since then my life was down hill. I miss my ex 3 years ago he was everything to me and I only realized it this year. I am tierd of feeling sorry for myself, and tierd or being stressed and a BIG loner. I have lost my great personality 3 years ago and my healthy body. Don't get me wrong I love my daughter with all my heart but I just wish I was atleast healthty and look like a normal 22 year old under 200 pounds. Like seriousley I am a great person I never hate or wish hurt on anyone. Why Do I get all thows feelings for me the hate and the hurt. I need a friend to help me motivate me and I would do the same. I need...

... a friend!

Heba hih

I'm 28 and i weigh 136 kg. I hate myself, I hate my body and I hate my life. My weight has been a problem since I was 4 years old. I've always been fat and disgusting. When I was 16 i starved myself nearly to death and i succeeded to be 65 kg but i gained all the lost weight and more than 30 kilos extra. Right now, i can't be pregnant because of my fat body. my self esteem is below zero. i want to hide, i want to disappear, i feel that all what people see in me are the lumps and lumps of fat. My husband is turned off by me. i look at my body and i hate it, i just it.


Are you serious, some people shouldnt even be complaining. Im 17, 5'1 and 165 pounds. Everybody in my family is taller and 120. I hate my body and im so insecure. I never get ready to go anywhere because im just so depressed. My biggest wish is to be atlease 5'5 and drop some weight but i have no will power. I really hope i can lose weight and grow taller one day


I hate being me. i have tried and mastered the art of covering the folds of fat, sucking in my tummy, and doing anything and everything to disguise my fat self. i feel over the past year that my disguises aren't good enough. people are going to start seeing through me. i look in the mirror and all i see are things i need to fix.. my flabby arms, my protruding stomach my thunder thighs. on 11:11 all i wish for is to be skinny. its a pathetic life and im disgusted by it. my mom is so picky about how and what she eats that im ashamed to finish a meal or eat in front of her. the only thing i want is to be skinny. i feel that being skinny will improve everything in my life. i hate being the way i am, i'm desperate and pathetic


Im 15 and weigh 155 pounds. I honestly feel like completely disappearing sometimes. I am surrounded by perfectly skinny people and I feel that everywhere I go people are looking at me and they only notice my fat ugly body.I've been working out almost everyday and eating less than 800 calories a day. i dread being going on vacation and being around all the food i cant seem to help myself when i get near it. i've literally had nightmares where i eat too much and i gain all the weight back. i cant stand to see myself in mirrors and when i do my day goes to crap. i hate me


OK, well I read almost all of the comments on here. Even the old ones. I hope that this one gets posted or that someone in the world can read mine. Over many years I have always searched online for blogs just like this to make myself feel better. But the truth is that I feel worse. Why, because it makes me realize that I am just more than fat. I'm a huge waste of space I would say. I'm 31 yrs old, single, and of course I have no children. I've always loved kids even when I was one myself. The amount of people that have talked about me and ridiculed me for not having a child and I am 31 is beyond me. I now weigh 256 lbs!! I remember when I used to weigh 120 lbs, what the hell happened?? I have no reason in the world to have an excuse as to why I look the way I do. Its all simply because the love of food. And of course my favorite drink, POP or SODA!! That right, there is my number one problem. Sprite and coke is going to be the death of me. I was only slightly lucky to have ever been in love with a man for only one year and then he up and left me. Right now was still speak to each other 7 yrs later but I feel its only when he wants something. All through my teen years and college days I never had a man. I was always the fat chick. Who the hell wants the fat girl in the crew? None of the guys do. I'm tired of feeling left out and not being loved. I'm tired of being embarrassed when a guy hollers out and you look just for the sake of looking and he fully says not you, but points to some fit, skinny, hot girl. It's not fair. Now at this point in my life I feel like I should have achieved more and want more for myself but a fat ass like me is not worth any of that good stuff. I always hated going shopping until last year when I finally found a forever 21 that sold plus sized clothing. Well I still don't like it but at least I found a store that sometimes has things that I can wear. What I hate is ( and you know you are a damn fat ass) when you are shopping in a plus size store and the clothes still cannot fit. I am too through. I actually tell myself and people who are close to me that I have a frog body or the homer Simpson body. Don't know what that is just Google naked woman with homer Simpson body. My huge protruding belly is like two huge homer lips. Breasts are all big and saggy. Got fat and folds on my sides for days. And let me not get started on the stretchmarks. Huge jiggly thighs that rub and cause bumps and chafe marks on the inner part cause of friction fat. Cellulite...I could go on and on about how I look. I honestly do know what it is that I have to do to get that dream body that I been hoping for but it is so damn hard. I seriously need some support and motivation. Don't get me wrong, I do not eat junk all the time and I do love cooking. My heritage is Jamaican so I can really throw down in the kitchen if I want to. But I think I just eat too much calories for a day. I am even eating when I am not hungry at all. And with no thought I will just pop something in my mouth. I really hate myself for doing this to myself. I'm gonna have to do the only thing I know that will work in my situation. I am gonna have to get more spiritual and ask for some help. I am unhappy living like this so it's time to finally do something about it.


Fat when i hear this word i automatically know its me i dont like that word ive been like bullied because of it if my fattness i hate having the feeling that i will never look as good as the people in magazines on facebook and what not im 15 and i weigh 170 people like my friends tell me im not fat and i say yeahh sure whatever just to go along with it sometimes i honestly wish that i can die and i just think of doing drugs but i havent tried anything of that like ive never tried hurting myself inside or outside of my body i just wish that one day ill have my first kiss , boyfriend since ive always lied to my friends since there always talking about there first kisses and most of all i would love to have confidence in myself my mom the lady thats suppose to say dont change you look beautiful no matter what calls me a fattass like always today we were at the mall and she told me that nothings going to fit cause im to fat and she bought a pretzel so i got one to and she said your gonna eat that your such a fatass and so i ended up throwing it away she makes me feel so ugly and fat and like making me feel horrible about myself


Hi just came across this im 15 i weigh 170 and in 5'4 my mom always calls me a fatass and says i have to loose weight cause im to fat it makes me more insecure and sad about myself when she puts me down ive never had a boyfriend or a first kiss i honestly thinks no one even likes me i feel so sad ive always thought that maybe drugs are the way to go to fit into school andd stuff butt ive never done one just i just hatee having the feeling that people look at you because your fat and ugly


So it's comforting to read that other people are in the same situation as I am. I'm 5'4" and still in denial that I went from being 145 to 155 in a matter of days, I mean, I know I've been eating a lot of ice cream, but is that really possible to gain 5 pounds in a day? Anyway, I'd like to go down to 110, but I'm just such a fat ass, and food always gets in the way. I don't understand how people can be so skinny!! I'm so envious!! What gets in my way is that I know food will satisfy me now, whereas I've given up hope that I could ever be thin, so depriving myself of immediate satisfaction (especially in the form of sweets) seems unreasonable. My mom says it looks like i gained 10 pounds from last year, I believe I was in the 130s originally and wanted to go way down (instead I went up), so I guess it's possible for me to be skinnier, I just wish I could convince myself that if i really cut food off, I'd get my dream body. I do work out, and have always been too muscular for my taste (too visible muscles on a girl are usually unappealing), so I'll be toned once I get rid of the fat that's in the way. I just want someone to tell me it's possible, and perhaps monitor her (or his) progress with me for some motivation, that is, if anyone else feels that she is in a similar situation as me, or just wants to help me out =) Anyway, good luck ladies with the weight loss! If someone figures out the secret to a wonderful body, please let me know ;)


Hi. I live in Colombia, a place were most woman are 5'4 and don't weigh more than 120 pounds. I myself am 16 years old. Colombian as well, and measure 5'2 yet I weigh 140 pounds. I hate myself, my body, the way people look at me, I hate not being able to wear a bathing suit and feel beautiful. It's been my biggest struggle yet and I still haven't been able to overcome it. I feel fucked up inside and stupid. I want to feel normal, pretty and love myself. I want my boyfriend to look up at me and not be ashamed of my size. I can't even be myself around my boyfriend or my family. I don't wear bikinis. I feel like a complete and total outcast. I just want to feel normal.

Jenn Aiello (aka) Meg/Rock1

I've had issues with Skinny Girls Calling me fat, My Highest is almost 230. I had Lost weight 2 times in my life, Had some great friends and Hated Being fat, Even had some boyfriends. I <3 the way i feel about my self! Being Obese is not fun, Don't like skinny girls at all. Lost 32 pounds and then 21 and gained it back. Need to try something else! Men never wanted me or asked me out, That was in high school and now it's going good. My Tummy needs trimming down... I hate god for makeing me look like this. I eat Salads and fruit and <3 To Drink Water! I like to eat string beans. I just want a man to marry me so bad and haven't since... I'm 34 years old and whould u like to be marryed, Please help and what should i do?


My husband is a dick. Last night while drinking he tells me I look better at a healthy weight. Ok so maybe so, but here I am googling "I hate being fat" just so I can feel better.

I am 180lbs and 5'6. My biggest weight was 215lbs and my lowest weight before getting fat was 125lbs (and that was 11 years ago).

I got a back injury after my 2nd child was born. And I have f***ing tried to lose this flab. I hate it so much that sometimes I feel like cutting it off. I hate being fat.


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gm tech2

People will respect you more. If you don't like the way you look in your clothes and they don't fit, wear bigger clothes.

Hey, I understand how you must feel. You sound miserable and lonely. But you are not alone -- many people just like you feel your pain every day.
But I have got to say your Blog entry is extremely well-written, concise, and interesting. You sound like a brilliant human being and I am behind you 100%. Just know that you have a friend praying for you :)


I am 31 yaers old and I weigh 245 pounds!!!!!!. I am mother of tree and I am married. I have beed big for all my life, but being overweight or should I say obes did not stop me living my life, yes sometimes I picture my self lookin thin and beautiful, but I remind my self that this is who I am and I am beautiful just the way I am.....The important thing is being helth.


Hi I just came across this page and I read all the previous posts. I'm 15, I'm not overweight and all my friends don't think there's anything wrong with me but I do!! I look in the mirror and I see a fat round face, fat jiggly arms, fat bloated belly, fat HUGE GIANT UGLY thighs. I haven't weighed myself since last year but I'm around 115-125 pounds and I'm only 5'2! My brother used to be really overweight but now he's reached high school and all of a sudden he just naturally lost a lot of weight. I have messed up my metabolism by constantly fasting but then binging once I finish a fast. I only became like this when a boy I liked said I was chat (it means ugly). Now my brother always calls me fat becau thinner than me and I know my mum must think the same. Everyone probably thinks that way too but just tell me I'm pretty to make me feel better. I'm so ashamed of my body that I try to stay home as much as possible. I just hate myself a lot for ruining my body just because of a boy's opinion.


One thing you need to know is that to lose weight does not mean you have to go on fasts or extreme diet programs. You can eat foods which actually help you burn fat! Yes there are foods which when you eat them burn fat and so you can burn fat and lose weight. But no amount of losing weight can substitute for you accepting who you are at the moment. No matter how much you may want to lose weight. It is important to accept who you are and be content with that for the moment other wise you will continue to hate and resent yourself because of your past and hurt others later on even though you do not mean to.


Marbear you are me! I still feel same about food. Im down 102lbs....this blog is where it all started.....but guess what even after all the weight loss, all the attention theres still a scared, insecure little chubby girl the inside. A bit resentful too (the thought would this person I just met like me when I was bigger) and scarred by self doubt.....We are all in pain, weight is a huge mountain, im just maybet reaching the summit.. but overcoming my own insecurities...terrifying.


i am turning 17 this year and i weigh almost 300 pounds. i hate the way people look at me and i hate they way they judge me just because im big. i have tried to lose weight but it just deosnt work for me. i dont know why people think im fat because i eat too much. my friend eats hlaf my lunch and most the time i dont eat breakfast. i do try to work out everyday, i eat right. and i just cant seem to lose any weight.


Yes it sux, being fat blows, I feel invisible everyday. I try to not get down on myself but its hard. I count and record every calorie in and burned. I excersize more than ever. I feel great after, strong and sexy. But when I look in the mirror Im still fat!!! I feel awful after working sooooo hard to lose every single pound that total 60 now. So that being said, I am only a quarter of my way to goal, I HAVE TO STAY STRONG!!! Please people we are in this together, dont get down there are people dying of incurable dieses, we can at least try!!! Please try w me. :)


I used to love myself and I used to respect myself. I ate healthy and exercised but it wasn't enough to lose weight. So I exercised more, cut out more foods - I lost weight for a bit then had to exercise more, cut out more foods to lose any more. Then I hurt my back and couldn't exercise so I had to cut out more foods. Then I relaxed ate more, put a little more weight on and started the whole cycle again.

Then I decided, you know what I can't keep doing this to myself. So I became an intuitive eater and I carried on exercising and weight training. My weight increased in 6 weeks. I have put on 20Kg it 6 weeks and that 20kg took me 10 years to lose. Now I'm back to cutting foods again. Sometimes I think its better if I was anorexic. I used to love myself, I used to respect myself. Now I just hate myself.


This is so relatable. I'm 12 and 135 pounds and get picked on in shool/public and nothing looks good on me.


Well, this is something different. I mean ya the internet is the next big thing, but I really didn't know how big, silly me.
But enough with the small talk, I havent got the chance to read everyone's comments, but the ones I have read sound kind of like me but then sounds like the me I would like to become.
I'm a 30yr single mother of a beautiful mini me that is lighter in colour and just as cute as me, well no cute doesn't cut it, she is a beautiful verson of me. I'm also 6'0 so yes that is tall for a girl, but the sad part, wait for it now, I'm over weight.
Now I know some of you that will read this might think to yourself, what does she have to say that we havent' already read or have gone through ourselfs, really I don't know. What I do know is that for once, I can express how I feel and get some feed back on it that isn't from me rereading it from my journal, and yes I have moments where my spelling might be just a wee bit off.
I'm a fat girl, have been since I was 12, the good oll years of getting boobs and kind of hearing about sex. Well unlike some people that have become over weight in their adult life or maybe in their late teenage years, I have been like this for, well it seems like for life. I have small little glimps of what my life was like when I was tall and skinny, but then it gets clouded with memorys of just being who I am now.
People say that when they were young and was sexually abuse that that is the reason why they eat so much and that because of what happend that this is why they are over weight. How they remember it and what not. Ya I was one of those that was raped not only by her mothers boyfriend of but also by her 2 older brothers when she got a little older. I was raped until I was about 14,15. So about a good 3 to 4 years. But it wasn't like I was forced I just kind of lyed there and took it. I got no pleasure from it I just took it and went back to watching tv or what ever it was I was doing.
I was always active, into sports, baseball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, swim team, track. You name it I was doing it. When I became a teenager I figured out that I was concidered a tom boy, a girl that likes to do guy things but also dress like one of the boys. Well ya I had a great time, but because of my aunt I think I got the girlly side from her. My mom was a single parent of 3 kids. She always made sure we had food in our tummies and clothes on our backs. So ya I had a great childhood. Weight was never really a big thing for me back then, cause I was able to do all the sports I wanted to do and keep up with the rest of the kids.
Just like most people the weight thing started to crawl inside my head in high school. Plus on top of that I went to an art school. Etobicoke School Of the Arts, its in Etobicoke Canada. Loved it there. Ya all my female friends were smaller then me, I became the portector of them when we went clubbing. But then I still got dates with hot guys, but I would find guys to sleep with when I wasn't dating someone. Then the college years came and I kept fit by clubbing a lot. I went clubbing about twice a week, and I wasn't into drinking I just loved the music and wanted to dance. Finally finished college and met the guy I thought I was going to marry. Turns out he was a jerk and f*$&ed another girl just so see if he was really in love with me or not. Nice hun.
So with help from my ex from high school/college I got into the gym scean and was loving it. I would travel over a Hr to the gym and home again at least 3 times a week. The reselts were worth it. But then the fun thing happened, I got pregent with my daughter. So everything went from, me me me, to take care of the baby. I think I ate the best, meaning health wise durning those 9 months of my life. She was born and a year later I tryed to get back into the losing weight from home, with the help of my friend, but that didn't happen because she lived so far away. I had a support system to take care of the baby and rent and all that good stuff, but I didn't have support with my eating, and spending habits. So durning the last 6 years I have gone from 230lbs of happiness to 330lbs of oh my god someone shoot me please and end this shitty life I'm living and give my daughter to someone that would be a better mom then me. This year so far has been going ok for me. Last year got a real place that I can call home, have a wonderful healthy happy daughter and have a boyfriend that loves me for all of me. But the sad part is, I don't love me anymore, and it sucks ass.
People sometimes are scared to eat green veggies or to eat healty, not me I love the green foods and veggies, but then when I'm board I want to eat, and the worst part, you want to hear what the worst part is, I want to cry when I dont get the food I want at the time that I wanted it. Like tonight just before I hoped on here sad and depressed looking for ways for me to hate food.
See this is the thing, I love food. I love the taste of food, I love the way it makes me feel. But I hate the way I feel after I eat at night time or the next day when I relize what I did. I know how to excerise and I know how to eat healthy, I just don't have the heart to do it yet, or to go all out and finally say "ENOUGH".
I would site my butt here at home and watch all the shows on tv that are about weight loss like, biggest loser, love that show by the way, or x-weighted, or extream makeover weight loss edition. I would sit and watch these shows and be so proud of those people, I would cry with them, I would laugh with them, cause I would think, ya thats me and I can do what their doing. But then I don't, and it sucks donkey poop.
So really what I'm doing today is putting my own sad story/comment/blog in this web page and hope that something, sometime soon will kick into my brain and say "hey" wake up and smell the veggies, you have a little girl to take care of, but even that isn't enough for me to stop what I'm doing, and I figured that would be my breaking point, guess not. Also looking for some new pen pal friends. Hope that one day I can look in the mirror or put on a pair of underwear or bra and just feel happy with who I am, and what I have done in my life so far. Being a good mom, but so far I can't do that yet.


The masochist in me thinks this is better than sex. So much misery and hoplessness has been expressed on this page. When I searched for, "i am so fat and ugly," i really didn't think I'd find anything to make me feel so alive. Only binging on food in secret has been so life affirming! I'm so sick, and I never realized it until this morning when I had to secretly read these posts and down a carne asada fries and horchata from the all night taco joint up the street to feel alive. I even skipped having sex with my gorgeous wife so I could do it. I feel like i cheated. I definitely need help. I gave to reign in self-destructive hatred. my wife deserves so much better from me.


I, too, hate being fat.

At first, you'd probably not think I am overweight, but I am. I am 5'3" with a small frame. My waist is only 32" and my inseam is 28." I weigh close to 180 lbs now. At my height and frame, that is obese. This isn't me pitying myself for a few extra pounds. This is my doctor talking.

My weight has caused me to have severe gout and kidney issues. I've been hospitalized twice in effort to save my kidneys and prevent me from being placed on dialysis.

Every piece of clothing fits improperly. My weight is carried mostly in my gut and partly around my neck and under my jaw. Every piece of clothing I own, no matter how dark the color, shows my gut.

It does not help my self-esteem to be working in the broadcast news business. I currently work in radio, where no one can see me. I'm a very good journalist but my company keeps me hidden because of my weight. When I was forty-pounds lighter, I was more trim and was allowed on Television. I have to sit next to very pretty and slender people all day. I feel they do nothing but look at me pity me for being so fat.

I've tried diets. I've tried cleansers and detoxification. They don't work. I try exercising and I end either in pain or ill. My doc says I exercise too hard, too quickly and all the toxins stored in my fat come out and make sick.

I'm now eating strictly organic which has made me feel better but I still eat way too much.

I walk around thinking I am my own poison. I loathe myself because I know my weight is holding me back professionally. The TV people make way more than us radio grunts.


Lost aprx 45lbs since Dec it has not been easy, fast or anything you see on TV infomercials. Everday is full of choices and activitys I flat out don't wanna do!!! Somedays are easier than others. My plan is pretty simple, I journal my food, try to include a super food in each meal (google that), drink enough water for my weight and activity (google that too). I did try to limit consuming,in my opinion "bad oils" ie. Hydroginated, partially hydroginated, canola, soy bean...anything but olive oil really (google this too.)Seems to be working pretty well, even though I do not excersize as regularly as I should.Hope this helps someone struggling. :)


Ladies....I am fat too. I'm 33 and 230 pounds. I hate hate hate my fat stomach. I just needed to say something to all the women who don't think your significant others mind the weight. You're wrong. Of course they do. Would you want to have sex with you? I sure as hell wouldn't touch myself. You're in denial. Hope this realization helps.


Fatty fat fat

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Hard Fat Guy

i'm fat too, overweight 36 y/o male. i'm at least 50 lbs overweight and it sucks. even though i'm pretty strong and active, i have muscle under all the fat but it sucks. i am always aware of my belly, my ass and my back fat, always aware of my double chins. always aware of my fucking shirt stuck to my belly when i sweat, like plaster. it's so gross. i work out and i ride bike, i swim a lot, almost every day but i'm still a fat piece of shit. i hate it. i don't get it. i don't eat that much and i work out a lot, and i have a lot of muscle under the layers of blubber. i just fucking hate it so much. i get pumped, i feel strong, then i look in the mirror and i look at my huge, swollen belly. it looks like i ate a midget. it sucks. i know that inside is a ripped, lean guy waiting to come out. it's not like i don't have any muscle... my body is hard as fuck, hell you could probably break your hand if you punched me in the gut, if i tense it up.

when i don't eat i feel so weak. if i miss a meal i feel like passing out... i get headaches.... i feel horrible if i miss a meal. i just wanna lose all this fucking fat. i hate it with a passion.


Fat people are stupid. They are phychologically impaired. Totally F'd up and probably mean. Mean to themselves and those who want them to lose weight. It's like an elephant in the room. Literally and figuratively. My wife is fat and hasen't changed for 30 years. I'm as disgusted with her as she is disgusting.


listen i am fat and i drive a school really is hard on me. i get leered at by kids and i feel like im the fattest person in my district. i f*****g hate being super fat. i am like 27 years old and i am three hundred and sixty-one really sucks, when other people r like, well u cant do ur job cuz ur fat...shut the hell, other ppl i dont care!!! im sick and tirred of this shit and im not going to tolerate it anymore!!! :/


are you still listening?
i need help too


Iris you're at a very very hard age hon. In my opinion early 20s were worst than highschool for my self image! Not until I was now (27) did I realize much of my frustration, anxiety, self hatred was actually from MY intese lack of sense of self worth. I challenge you to look online for free self help, motivational stories and books. I find when I focus is on something OTHER than looks, I feel better and am more attracted to other people. You're time will come for a soul mate but luv YOURSELF FIRST!!! :)


I'm almost 20 and never had a boyfriend and probably because I'm "too ugly and fat". I was teased everyday at school, and even by family members who are overweight themselves, and became so severely depressed I attempted suicide. I've tried everything to lose weight except surgery and drugs since I can't afford that right now. I watch couples in the street and just burst into tears, wishing a nice boy would appreciate me instead of some anorexic whore for once. It really hurts my feelings knowing I can't compete with a skinny slut despite my good heart. I just want to die and hopefully I do.

david obama

Nice discussion. I faced same problem. Then I purchased an e-book.
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I have hated the way i look for as long as i can remember. i moved in with my aunt after my mother died and for years this woman told me i was fat. i never really thought about it like that but i believed her because..., shouldn't i? she was my guardian and i wanted to make her happy. this was a very long time ago and now i see her point. i am 25 and 180 lbs. i have only ever loved my body once. i dieted and exercised to wear i actually achieved a body that i wanted. then i had a dnc and it went horribly wrong. i also in the same month got in a car accident that herniated my L5. since then, which has been about two years now, i have gained all that weight back. yiippeee. i feel like ill never get back to where i was. i have started dieting and i joined a roller derby team mostly for the exercise. so far i have gained nothing but weight. i truly hate the way i look. i have felt this way for so long i would do anything to just not feel this way anymore!! i think the fact that i once loved my body and feel that god took it away by putting me through the things he did is even worse than if i had just stayed fat my whole life.


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Well since there are so much comments already, why not write one myself... I've been the fat girl since I was a little vulnerable girl and the fat kept on building up... now im 18, i did over 9 different diets since i was 11 years old!, all of them failed...My friends say that I'm great and an awsome friend but I'm always the one who ends up listening to thier stories about a number of guys crushing on them and dating them... and i just sit there and smile,, and when im needed,.. i pretend that i have alot of experience and help them as best i could... last year i didn't pass my exams because of my body...i had problems with my thyroid and when the docctor told me that i have to undergo a small 'operation' so to take some samples from the thyroid to check if i had cancer...I blocked myself from the whole world.. some people say that when you get depressed you don't eat... but i wasn't that lucky... because of this whole thyroid thing I didn't care about school anymore and so i didn't pass...the results from the thyroid tests came and they said that either i had nothing to worry about or they didn't manage to get a sample from where they needed.. wow great.... so then i had to spend my summer holidays studying for my resits so maybe... just maybe i could go to university BUT... even though i stressed my self soo much that my hair started to fall, gained more weight (for a change) and my eye sight got worse... they didn't pass me....... so as my resolution, after all this ordeal,... i wanted to lose weight so next year, when i go to university.. no one would recognise me and i would start a new more the fat girl or the girl who doesn't exist....but... even though i started attending once a week kickboxing lessons, christmas holidays passed... new year went along with it and now febuary is at an end....i wish every night that this summer would be different..i wish that i would be able to wear a bikini, date guys.... but im 20kg away from that dream... and judging by my awesome metabolisim, i probably wouldn't succed..... this site is great.. it helps you your anger...and in my case i have ALOT....the only thing that its keeping me going, tying different diets, is hope....and i hope that with this essay :) maybe i would for the first time believe in myself and reach my goal.. this probably no one would read it but im a person that doesnt share sad things to the people she loves because she knows that they have other problems... even if they say theirs..... so this essay just took a huge load from my chest... im just fed up of being the fat girl..i don't want to be her anymore .. im a different person.... thanks for this site :)


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im fat!!!!! i weight 110 and 12 years old uhhh i hate feeling this way. Do you know what kind of exercises i could do, or how much i should do?. I also want to know how i should eat. I have cereal for breakfast, a sandwhich for lunch, and when i get home i try not to eat until dinner, but its really hard. Im so confused. WHAT SHOULD I DO!!


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Albert Dziennik

I need help. Not sure how to deal with the fact that my wife left me for my boss and said it was because I was secretly gay and weigh 697 lbs. I told her I was gay in confidence and being fat should not be an issue either. Does anyone think I can sue? I want to get even if i can.
Albert Dziennik
Roby, TX


There is real pain coming through on this blog, like nothing I've ever seen before. Having been borderline obese from high school until...just a year ago, I know all about the Saturday nights at home, eating a second dinner, knowing the phone is never going to ring. But it doesn't have to be that way. Here in America we've all been sold a bill of goods in this whole "low-fat" craze that not only does not work in reining in our weight, but actually promotes weight gain instead. Its all been lies and bad science, for half a century. Forget about exercising and dieting - these things DO NOT HELP YOU MANAGE YOUR WEIGHT. If you do nothing else for yourself, at least read Gary Taubes' opus, Why We Get Fat and What To Do About It (Knopf publishing, 2011). He explains in exquisite detail exactly what is wrong with "low-fat" eating, why it does not work, and even who is responsible for perpetrating this hoax on the American public. If you fear wasting money on "just another diet book", then borrow it from your library, or just stand in the aisle at Border's reading the first chapter or two. It WILL change your life, as the ideas he pursues have changed mine. You don't have to starve yourself. You never have to go hungry. You don't need to torture your body in a gym or spend the rest of your days crying yourself to sleep over the insensitive comment of some creep on the street. Learn what Taubes has learned, what I have learned, and live.


Hey guys,

or more accurately, hey girls.

It was sad to read that some of you think that you are seen as more vulnerable because you are bigger and I guess some unscrupulous guys might think that. It must be a horrible experience being propositioned but as a guy I know that most guys will come up with corny lines and try it on no matter what you look like,therefore dont feel that this is necessarily the case.

I have always thought that bigger girls look fabulous but sometimes I wont approach one because they might think that I am some kind of weirdo. Im not. Some guys like red-heads, long hair, big eyes etc etc and thats not seen as weird so why does liking bigger girl attract the tag of Chubby Lover or similar?

I just thought some of you would be interested to know this.

Be yourself, dont ever stop trying to be the best you can but most importantly, be yourself. OK maybe you dont like how you look but be honest, is it because you dont like it or because of what other people say. Whats more important here???

Who knows, maybe one day a genuine guy like me might manage to meet you.


Hey Guys,

Some of these comments are the saddest things I have seen written in a long while. I dont have a weight problem and have never never been so thoughtless to tease someone over it but I admit I have thought disparaging things when I have seen really overweight people.

After reading this, next time I see an overweight person my attitude to them will be different.

Interestingly, I read that Kelly Osbourne said that when she was fat she received a lot of flack from people about her weight but almost not one ever gave her a hard time about taking drugs. How true and crazy is that?

We(society) are so sadly superficial. And that's because its easy and convenient to make an opinion about someone with a momentary glance. It is so wrong.

Just because you are in the normal weight/height range is no indication of if you are a moral, caring, decent or worthwhile person but somehow this is assumed by default.

I have met more horrible thin or normal sized people than overweight people and I doubt that is going to ever change.



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stop eating pork, because maybe the least damage of that meet is weight about it in google(about healthy problems by eating pork)


i lost weight in summer by eating salad with tomatoe cucumber and OLIVE OIL, in most meals.
i also ate chesse, and that helped my bones to become sturdier, drunk fruit juices etc.
that helped, but now i dont own tomatoes and cucmber with olive oil anymroe, because its winter :S.
i wish you a good luck my friend.


Hi People - I am a gay guy living in a gay-model-age-beautifull world.

I am 1.88m tall and 140kg - I am a BIG guy. I hate it... I have not had any sexual encounter in years - I would love to just loose weight to be human again - to love and be loved.

Thank you for your blog - it allows me to voice my heart-sore.


I never was skinny but just right for my build with great curves...loved it! Then I got married and had baby #1. Went from 135 lbs to 200 lbs. Baby #2 and I had a mental break down. I was put in the hospital and told I was bi-polar. I was fat and crazy, great! I started popping X here and there, starting weight and wow, I thought, if I could do this for just a little while longer I could really lose some weight. Yeah, I lost weight and started to feel good about that but got hooked on drugs and was a hair from losing EVERYTHING! Then I got pregnant with baby #3. That's the best thing that could have happened to me cause I got off drugs right then and there. Got my life back in order and gained all the weight back even though I only gained 15 lbs during my pregnancy. I went to the "mental" hospital 3 times for my bi-polar. Took every pill they made to help but if they worked it didn't last. I finally stopped taking that crap cause really, it's not helped at all for me. I believe the true cause of my bi-polar is caused by no being happy with myself. I'm 28 with 3 kids and the last time I weighted (months ago) I was 220 lbs. My husband looks GREAT, 5'8" and 135 lbs. Me? 5'4" and around 220 lbs. Sex? Yeah right, only to make him happy and never with the lights on. I hate my body and don't understand how he could love it. I even tried to go anorexic but that didn't work. I couldn't do it, done every diet, was in a gym, all that stuff. None of it worked, now I've lost the drive to do anything else. I wish the "light bulb" go flick but I believe it's burned out. My best friend weighs about 300 lbs and has a great personality, is out going, loves dancing, and loves sex with her husband. If only I could be more like her. Some ppl look great big, I'm not one of them. I look like a fat, lazy blob and feel like one too. Any ideas how to fix my "light bulb" to get it to turn back on??


I liked your site, you are very interesting to write. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


I just sent this post to a bunch of my friends as I agree with most of what you’re saying here and the way you’ve presented it is awesome.





Merry Christmas! I wish you a lot of gifts and luck in the new year.


I hate being fat too!!
hi i like the way u have expressed your self and that ur honest and not happy with ur self , neither am i hate my self it makes me sick 2 even look, i try differnt ways 2 look less flabby. others say i look ok , but i never believe them . my partner always says i look ok too but then u find him looking at porn and woman ... makes me feel a million dollars as u can imagine ... i hate my life , i hate the way i look and i am never going 2 feel as i am lovely or look great ... cos people with out realising make u feel 10 times bigger then u are and ugly unattrative .. and why cos u have 2 b blonde, stick thin ,firm covered in make up wearing as less as possible to be noticed or even stand a chance in this world .i am fat and i hate it ....


I hate being fat, its come to a point were i hate being a size 12 or 10 all the time. i feel so frustrated that after i work so hard to loose weight i put it all back on. i have skipped special holidays with my family bc i was so ashamed and hated how i looked in clothes. its come to a point were i hate it all and ive become so depressed about it that i cant take this anymore. this is the worst feeling in the world


I am also fat and have been for most of my life. I recentlynhave startedvon my weight loss/fitness journey and am trying to lose 100 pounds. Won't you join me on my blog and watch me shrink?


Hi, I just don't like what i see in the mirror. I feel like my husband does not find me attractive and I don't feel pretty. I try to see my self beautiful but there is nothing there. I'm 50 pounds over. I can exercise because of my bad back and I'm only 35 years old. I just feel so depress and I have being thinking of just get it over with.. Its there anything that I cant take to make the weigh away?


Do you look at every thin person on tv - which come on - that's everyone... and you just get depressed and hate yourself. Everytime I look at someone I think, that'll never be me, why can't I look like that. I wonder how I went from 115 in high school to 228!!!! And for those that says it takes will power - if I had F'ing will power - I wouldn't be here!!!! They need to bottle some will power, I'd pay almost anything for it.

lauren fierro

i am too fat!!! i hate myself for it! but i cant do anything and dont want to talk to my mom about it im 12 and weigh 154 lbs i really REALLY like this guy but he likes all the skinny pretty girls and i hate myself even more it hurts soo sooo bad and i usually cry at night. i believe i even lost my bff since 2nd grade bcuz of my weight bcuz she started hanging out with the pretty preps and now she is one too i barely speak to her all the guys like her even the one i love i cry a lot in the shower or bed when no one can see. i keep looking on the internet for 'how to make myself hot, pretty, skinny' and no results plz im dying hhere and i need support and i might not be able to take it much longer i almost crying right now!!! please...


i typed in 'i'm a fat bastard and can't get out of this rut'
so that's how i found this place
i always thought i was fat... turns out i wasn't
now i am
i had a car accident nearly 3 years ago and suffered a back injury
i can't do the things i used to enjoy
seems they were the things that controlled my weight; belly dancing, burlesque, out dancing at parties every weekend
i've lost the person i was
i've had 'post trauma stress counselling' but it hasn't stopped the sadness i feel
i haven't recovered from the accident and i know that's where my weight problem has kicked in
my body hurts all the time
i just keep going for the sake of my children
i hate living like this


I am 280 lbs and 20 years old. I am happy with who I am. I have PCOD, a disease that makes it hard to loose weight. I have struggled for years with diets and exercising and couldn't loose a pound. I started birth control and gained 40 lbs in two months. I have two guys who are completely in love with me, but I want more then they can offer so do not take them. One is a body buidler, the other very thin and handsome. Its not all about weight. There is no reason your weight should keep you from being who you want to be, or falling in love. It's all about attitude. I am confident and happy. When my skinny coworkers give me a hard time about what I am eating, I smile and tell them "Thanks for letting my know how many calories are in my burger but I plan to enjoy every one of them." Granted, I eat healthy and only eat junk occasionally. I think health is mroe important than weight. Some of us our skinny, some are wegiht loss resistant. You still have to love yourself.

Lonely fat guy

the guy everyone likes, but no girl Likes. To them I'm some asexual big brother that they'd never think about a relationship with. I hate how beautiful women stare at me in bars thinking to themselves what is he doing here. I hate how its so obvious I can tell by their facial expressions. I hate being picked on cause I'm fat, I'm 27 yrs old, and I should punch you in the face, but I don't cause my self esteem is that low. Most of all I hate how I hate myself.


If You Are The Kind Of People Who Will Listen And Tell Me Advice And Just Willing To Be There Please Email Me At [email protected] i just need someone to talk to and i have to say much thank you


Wow.. Everyone Is Getting Skinny? I Had a friend we were the best of the best until this summer she got skinny and now.. im still chubby and working on my diet so now that she is skinny she thinks its "okay" for her to make comments(rude comments) about fat people... :\
and i ask myself this everyday "Dear God Why Did You Make Me Fat?Now Im Killing Myself And Starving Myself To Get Skinny Why Couldn't Just Be Skinny And Have It All Like Those Other Girls Who Are Living There Life Having All Of Those Guys Being Popular And Going Out To Dance,Talk,And Have Fun While Im In Here Killing Myself To Be One Of Them"


Uhhm wow you people honestly have way to much hate towards yourself which honestly puts a big factor into why you are so fat being unhappy is going to discourage you from exercising and eating better and for everyone who has only tried diets it doesn't work without a good exercise plan everyday at least an hour or more medium-intense exercise but before your start that he doesn't know what its like to be fat or any of that shit I'm 16 I'm a guy and i weigh 265 lbs granted I'm 6'1 and i have a decent amount of muscle all those aside I'm still obese according to the body mass index either way i dont like being fat but i dont loathe myself for being fat if you have a such a hard time being fat then just do something about it just go exercise instead of the milkshake take the water or unsweeted BUT the biggest thing is you cant hate yourself and expect to be loose weight if your not happy nothing seems like a good idea but to sink in and eat food to make you happy which is just a terrible thing to do i suggest joining some kind of sport now some of you might be to old for playing sports but tennis is always an option for people who are to embarrassed exercising in public like in a gym or something don't be enjoy being fat till you get skinny for any young people like myself guys go for football,track,basketball whatever sport you like oh and wrestling especially if you want to shed some pounds had a friend drop 60lbs in one summer of wresting conditioning which is maybe two or three months its all intense aerobics so its the perfect thing for loosing weight same for the girls wrestling is an option but if you want to be more feminine then try volleyball or softball track as well and basketball tennis is an option as well for guys anyways all I'm trying to say is that instead of being sad and disgusted with yourself just go and enjoy life and make it where you can appreciate yourself as well just being more active will help you loose weight so fast you wont even believe it because you'll be enjoying yourself to much

sorry for the wall of text but i definitely don't feel like going through all of it and putting periods and paragraphs and commas not really worth it


I want to make a apology to all of you wonderful souls who have been made fun of for being overwieght. I have to admit that I was one of the fools who made fun of you.But, after reading this, I see how seriously the insults can be taken. I am against racism, religion-ism (lol), and all other discriminations. I did not feel that fitness biased was so serious and insulting. You people have great souls and it is not fair that your wieght is seen above it. Stay strong and show people like me that you are an individual with a good heart and smarts. And, I will pray for you all with your wight loss goals.


I've been feeling fat and ugly all weekend. Well, longer than than but this weekend even more so. I don't know what to do. I try to be more healthy and quit and just think nothing will help me. This is the FATTEST I've ever been and I just feel GROSS. I'm 26 and 235 pounds. I would never tell anyone the truth. But I'm sure they can guess all on their own. I guess it helps knowing that there are other people that feel the same,though that is pretty sad. This weekend I was invited to a party but I didn't want to go because my legs looked HUGE in my jeans. I was too embarresed to be the FAT Chick around other pretty girls. I guess it's my own fault for letting myself get this way. I was once althetic and healthy but the past few years I got way bigger. I get lonely, I think nobody will be atrractted to me so I stay home, watch tv and eat so make me feel better. Although that makes no sense to a normal person. The people in my life my not know the extent of my feelings, I try to hide them thru being funny, because I think that's all I have to offer sometimes. I am a good person but i just feel horrible about myself. Sometimes guys are interested but I'm too scared that once they see me without make-up or see my whole body, they will think I am ugly and gross. I don't know, maybe this doesn't make sense. I'm just letting some stuff out I guess.


hi me again, since my last post 3 days ago i've already lost 1kg (2 pounds i think in american?) and thats thanks to this blog it inspired me to eat healthy food and go to the gym more. and ive stuck to it for 3 days so far! thankyou :)


You are beautiful just the way you are. I so wish you could see that. What a huge load of self loathing resides on your back, put the pack down my dearest and live again. Feel that sun on your face? It shines equally for everyone, including you... breathe in the wild places pet a cat who stretches to your touch, see your friends smile to see you. You are more beautiful than you can understand, really you are.


wow. i just read this entire thread after typing 'im fat i hate myself' into google.
ive been fat since i was about 11. i was bullied all through high school about my weight, i hated myself and wanted to die everyday.
i always tried to eat healthy and diet but by the end of the week id be back into old habits. im 22 now and still fat. i promise myself every year this wil be the year i lose weight, but i never do.
i don't know what my highest weight was but in school when we were forced to weigh ourself i was 75kg. and i know i gained more after that. after graduation i lost a little bit and then i went on a shake diet and lost 5kg and then i lost another 5kg and i started feeling good, but then before i knew it all the weight had crept back on. i hate clothes not fitting anymore, i hate even my family making comments about it. i hate not being able to wear short dresses when i go to nightclubs. i wear jackets to hide my arms and im to self conscious to even dance.
this year i joined a gym and have been going like 3 or 4 nights a week and i dropped down to 61kg and felt great, but then i went overseas and gained 6kg back. now im even heavier then i was when i joined the gym. i feel so disgusted in myself for letting it gain back. ive been trying for weeks to lose at least 1kg but it seems impossible every time i weigh myself its exactly the same or higher!!
I know i'm not as big as some other people on here, but i still stand in front of the mirror crying coz all i see is fat.
ive never had a partner in my life.
all my friends are skinny and hot and if anyone approaches us im practically invisible. i pretend im happy to all my friends when im really dying inside.
after reading everyones messages though it has given me some hope to try again.


my diet is good so far jeans are fittting loser and i can actually wrap my whole hand in my wrist now(and before i was not close) then i ws online and saw all those fat foods fries cupcakes cheesecakes greasiet hambuger and the all those fried chiken legs im turning to a vegetarion but deep down inside my body is screaming and pounding im mot those foodsin dying i want those foods bu i cant i dont like to say this but im not eating at all and it actually works... and then im afraid i ever get one small bite at a hambburger i will realzed how much i missed the greasy taste an will attack thats why im isolating my self from food :( help me


I'm a mess. I'm an australian 15 year old male, and again, Im just such a mess. I have the LOWEST self esteem ever. I'm currently a chubby boy and i have awful rashes all over my body (exzema), which has led me to lie about me smoking, and doing drugs, just to fit in. Yes, i have tried over and over again to lose weight. When i was 12 years old, i tried to become anorexic. That didn't work, because foods the devil. Irrisistble, and with so much easy access to it to.

Blah blah blah, i eat when im bored, or when i'm emotional, which is usually very common.
I don't do any excercise, i'm not a sporty kind of guy.

I see all these smiling guys, with there healthy bodies, able to pick up any girl they'd like. At this rate im going, im not going to have a girlfriend ; ever.

The reason behind this all is because of my lack of willpower. but GOD DAMN, will power is so hard to find. I've got to dig SO deep, SO SO Deep, and everytime i fail at dieting, the hole keeps getting deeper, and deeper.

Problem is, i actually want to lose weight, and unfortunately, staying the way i am will not be possible, i need change now.

Thanks for reading, and any response would be much appreciated.


Why cant i be skinny? get those guys like skinny girls do? why do i have to be chunky? why does even fat exist? i have this guy drama and he is sending me mixed signals but i dont he likes me bc i am a lil bit bigger than him.. anyone help?


well im 13.. and im about 140-150 pounds and i hate it im not exactly fat like big but lets just say i chunky but still can do anything wear almost every normal clothes but still chunky is bad too! I HATE BEING FAT WHY WAS I BORN LIKE THIS? WHY COULDNT I BE BORN SKINNY LIKE ALL THOS SKINNY! Im going on a diet bc of this guy i like and well i wanna look good and nice and well im starving myself not eating at all im going to extreme.. just dont know wat to do.. i just.. want him.. and i wanna be skinny or atleast his same size as he is..


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+ Prestigio GEOVISION 100
+ Prestigio GEOVISION 135
+ Prestigio GEOVISION 150
+ Prestigio GEOVISION 350
+ Prestigio GEOVISION 450 BT (Voxtel Carrera X433, MSI MS5651, AIGO A5301, MyRoad 4308 TMC)
+ Prology IMAP 3100
+ Prology MDB-20
+ RAMAR 5026
+ RealAegis Armor 1000 Series
+ RealAegis Period 100 Series
+ Road Angel Navigator 6000
+ Roadmax vmax483 (Navmax)
+ GPS Devices win CES 2007 Awards (Navmax)
+ Roadmax vmax351 (Navmax)
+ Roadmax vmax361 (Navmax)
+ Roadmax vmaxNV1 (Navmax)
+ Roadmax vmax501 (Navmax)
+ Route 66 mini (menu)
+ SAILOR SA-9007
+ SHTURMANN Mini 100
+ Shturmann Link 300 & Shturmann Link 300 Pro
+ Shturmann A200 & SHTURMANN Play 200
+ Sigma ST10
+ Sigma ST20
+ Silvercrest M4310T
+ SmartGPS (Smart GPS) 610, 620, 625 (menu)
+ SmartGPS (Smart GPS) 310, 320 (menu)
+ Starway 4.3" & Starway 47 & Starway 50 & Starway 50A
+ Strato PJ63517
+ Stromberg Carlson GPS-4301
+ Supportplus SP-GPS22A
+ Supratech ACTEA
+ Sony KW4315
+ Sony u93tc, u92t, u83, u73t, u53, u51a
+ Symorp S35-A100
+ Symorp GP43BL
+ Targa PNA-E3530
+ Thinknavi UZ
+ TomTom (TomTom ONE, TomTom XL, TomTom GO 730, TomTom GO 930)
+ TELE System TS8.1PND
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+ TELE System TS8500PND
+ TELE System TS8600PND
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I enjoyed reading this blog, and the comments along with it. It's good to know i'm not alone. I am only 18 years old and i'm extremely overweight. i told myself i wouldn't let myself get over 230lbs. but that didn't hold true. since then i've gained about 30 more pounds and i hate myself for it. my mom is overweight as well but she is losing weight and looking better and it makes me so jealous. on my dad's side of the family everyone is thin and confident. I, on the other hand, am not. I am very shy and hold back a lot because of my weight. People don't understand why I am so shy, but if they only knew what it was like. I don't want to be outgoing because i don't want to look weird and give people a spark to make fun of me for my weight as well as whatever i say to make me look stupid. I just want to be thin so badly. i know that the best way is eating healthly and exercising, but i can't bring myself to make it a lifestyle. I feel weird hating myself for something i CAN control. I feel like i must be addicted to food now. i binge a lot, mostly alone. When i was younger i used to hide food from my mom because i would feel so ashamed for eating it. She just wanted to help me be healthy and i was going against everything she was trying to teach me. now i'm a freshman in college and am still gaining weight. I've played lacrosse all four years in high school and loved it. It made me feel good. i had a way to work out 6 days a week without feeling like i was working out. i loved my teammates and my coaches. But my college doesn't have a lacrosse team and i have nobody telling me to work out or to come to practice. I hate it!!! i don't know how i can complain or hate myself when i don't do anything to help myself. but it's just how it is. Being in college is making me realize how little control i have about eating and really need to figure it out. Starting today, hopefully, i am making a change. i am going to count calories and go to the gym everyday. I'm saying to myself right now that this is what i always say when i'm feeling low or depressed, but i think reading this blog and writing exactly how i feel has made an impact. Thanks again for the blog!


i am fat and i hate it. i'm almost 300 lbs. i've prayed to God over and over again to loose this weight. there have been times when the weight came off and i thought my deliverance had come. guess what. i'm fat again and again. being fat makes me hate myself. i don't want to see myself in any mirror. i feel really ugly and unattrative. i feel no man would want me or could truly love me. i hate the way i look in my clothes and i don't try anymore to fix myself up. although, i hate being fat and it's caused some health issues, i continue to eat and not exercise. i almost feel i'm trying to destroy myself. i don't know how to help myself or anyone else. all i can do is continue to pray and believe one day God will deliver me from being morbidly obese. that's what the doctors call me. that description noted on any humans chart is enough to make you feel not human. enough for now. thanks for listening.


Im 17 and ive been fat my whole life and i hate my body :( it makes me sad and everyone treats me like shit. I just wanna be happy but it seems i never will be. I hate looking at my body in the mirror, i hate having to find clothes to wear and I hate being uncomfortable with the way i look. I even went to a gym and it didnt do anything for me cuz i quit. I hate how society is and how they have this image for people its not fair at all.I just wanna love my body =(
I hate the way i feel every day.


You hate yourselves because your fat? Well, I hate myself for hating myself when I was a little overweight. What do I have to show for that hatred but a severe eating disorder and addiction to exercise? If you think it's hard to find love and friendships as a fat person, try finding GENUINE love and SOLID friendships as a chick with major self-esteem issues.
Don't hate yourselves, guys. Trust me, it doesn't accomplish anything.


Congratulations! You have so much useful information, write more.


I am a fat bitch at home whenever some chocolate is gone they blame it on me! what, maybe my sister craved some! it is not fair! i hate my own skin and it is horrible! i feel like an elephant! my mom and dad always comment that i am fat. and they comment on how high i wear tights. it's a shame. i hate all healthy foods and i complain about my lunch and how i don't eat it. my friends don't notice but i do and i hate it!!! my doctor says i am average but... i don't do exercise or any sport. no veggies. all i feel that i do is just hawking down chocolate and sweets every day and night! my dad can smell the stress in my breath!!! i feel terrible. :(


This may sound horrible but I am so glad other people hate there lives too. I am not the only one. I am 19, only 5'2" and weigh 190. I am ugly. The worst part is the stretch marks. I have to wear shirts with sleeves that come down to at least my elbows because of stretch marks. And I don't know how to change. Even if I lose the weight the ugly purple and silver markings will still be there making life hell. There are way too many of them all over my tummy, legs, breasts, and arms. They will be there for the rest of my life. On top of this hopeless feeling of always being ugly, I can't exercise in front of people for them to see the jiggling of the fat. I'm not strong enough to deal with that. Even in my house the only place I can get away from everyone is my room and it's too small to do anything in. So instead of doing anything about my weight I just keep getting bigger and isolating myself. I am missing out on life. I never dated, went to dances, joined in on activities. And every time I think about everything I have and will miss out on I just get more depressed.


OMG I so know what you're going through. I've been trying to lose a bit of excess fat around my waists for so long-I've never had thin hips in my life.

And just when I feel I'm reaching a perfect point of excercise and diet my family tell me I'm not working hard enough for my age, that there are other kids out there who can run 3 times as fast as me and I just want to die.

It's so nice I see other people who know how I feel. I work so hard, so much harder than any of them, I do situps in front of the TV, pushups, lean ins, planks, dumbells, you name it and I do it, consistently as well as the gym every day.

And they walk in laughing about how fast each one of them can run and how toned there abs are and I wish I wasn't doing anything at all because I feel so fcking stupid and I hate myself.

Mikayla Mueller

hey. im not fat. im 17 and 120 lbs. i've made fun of fat people, not like excessively or anything, but i have.i didnt even realize all the self hatred that comes with this, and reading how much you guys "loathe" yourselves and "despise" your existance is one of the sadest things i've come accross in a long time. being fat doesnt make you a terrible person, or wife, or mother, or son, or whatever. dig deep down into yourself and figure who YOU are, is what i suggest, and try your hardest not to let the superficialities of our society bring you down. i GUARANTEE each and everyone of you is a great person, and if you don't already know this, God loves you. like, no matter what size, ethnicity, or whatever. he's always going to be there for you when you feel as though everyone else is failing you. so, there you go. i hope at least one person sees this and feels better about themselves.

ps. ill pray for you guys for sureee. (:

Rebecca Hill

Ya know, loosing weight is not the secret to all happiness. I'm a very lean work-out-aholic, but I'm not chasing happy feelings. I'm 27 and terribly single. I'm working on a mission for my life, personal goals and purpose.
I'm reasonably "successful" in school and I've had a life full of exciting experiences. I'm about to head into the Army and learn how to be a leader with presence, Army values and Warrior Ethos.
My end goal is to become a physical therapist to help soldiers with rehab after injury, help children overcome barriers to movement and to inspire people to pursue lifetime fitness and wellness. My goals help me make each decision about my own health and wellness and give me a sense of accomplishment.
But there is a dream I have that I cannot work to obtain. I can only control what I can control.
If you do want to loose weight (and it's totally your call), first you have to figure out how to feel in control of that area. Figure out a strong enough motivation to pull you through. I'm trying to maintain day-to-day motivation to complete my education without my dream coming true first. It's tough, but worth while.


I hate you all. Why don't you get up from your freaking computers and go for a freaking walk. You are all pathetic. Stop stuffing your faces. You are not fooling anyone with your 'gland problems', and 'ever since the baby' bullshit. Your fat because you stuff your faces with Hagen Daz. Drop the exercise bullshit while we're at it. All the skinny people in Asia and India are not going to 24hr fitness after work. They just don't eat as much as you fatties. Please shut up.


I am literally starving while I am writing this . i had 3 shakes and 2 really small meals today . i did the gym for 1hr. i had to post this tonite so i wont be tempted to eat. I hate looking at myself in the mirror , even at the gym. i posted already once before but i really think this time i need to get tough on myself. if im gonna bitchabout how i look im gonna do something about it. there are anorexic people living on a bagel a day and they live. i can do this ! i have to keep the fight . i refuse to live as a fat person till i die . good nite

Kathy Simms

The bottom line is that how you feel is all a state of mind. I read the posts of those of you who say you are 200, 300 plus pounds. I look in the mirror and I see a person who is in excess of 200 or 300 pounds. You know what I'm talking about. You know that flabby fat that jiggles when you barley move. That fat on your thighs and ass that jiggles when you cough or laugh.... I hate that and I see it when I am in the mirror naked, when I'm in the changing room in the department store. How do I make this go away... Like I said in the beginning it is all a state of mind. Because I see the numbers on the scale I don't believe them when I see what I see in the mirror. Last time I was a the doctors and I got on the scale it was 130 lbs. Now I know that to most of you that sounds small, BUT when I look in that mirror I swear I see 300++++ pounds!!! How do I control this mispercepeption? It drives me to drink (literally)..... help....!!!!!

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