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Most good works could not be accomplished if they had to be perfect. I'm sure Doctor's Without Borders could use an updated operating room and so on, you know?

I have fought with perfectionism, but I usually just throw my hands up. There are too many things that society insists that you be perfect at: your body, your house, your car, your children, your sex life...you name it. It is absolutely impossible. There are way too many books and articles out there under the guise of "self-help" that perpetuate this. (Please do not read my article on how to "Clean Your Bedroom Until It Sparkles.")

As far as the diet thing goes, I am the opposite. The only way I can diet is by tricking myself, and trying not to remember that I am doing it. It's hard.


Yes to your question--perfect is the enemy of good. We know we can never be perfect, so we set ourselves up for not being able to start our projects. (why bother?) We are our own worst enemies, as the cliche goes.


No, I know what you mean. I think the fear of what new things will be demanded of us, of having to do all the things we say we will do, is maybe even greater than the fear of failing it in the first place.


For me, this comes down to a question:

Do I fear failure or do I fear SUCCESS?

I go through what you're talking about with school. I want to go back, finish my three classes, get my degree, better myself. So I plan. I'm going over the summer. I'm going in the fall. I calculate. If I take one class a sememster starting [insert date] then I will be walking up to get my diploma on [insert date.]

But then I don't call to get my information or register for the semester I originally planned, so I have to start all over with my calculations.

See what I mean? We could be twinkies. (HEHE...food reference, I'm so funny.) But I've come to realize that I'm so afraid I'll succeed and more will be demanded of me, that just not doing it at all is easier for me.

This comment made more sense to me when I started than it does now. Blah.

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