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Amen and "what you said!"


I know what you mean. It is easier to take the familiar and "safe" road, even if we know it is not the best path for us. We are comfortable with what we have done for years.That makes it devilishly hard to break those habits. I bite my cuticles and it is embarrassing. I feel like a teenager!


Wow, this is exactly what I needed to hear today. Just this morning I was feeling all grumpy and frustrated at the miniscule amount of progree I feel that I've made. I had to remind myself that I've only been doing this for a few weeks, plus working a lot of hours, so I need to cut myself some slack. But reading your comments and hearing something similar from an external source helps. Maybe you can be my outside source of inertia today. :)


Yup, I think I need a good swift kick in the pants. From an outside source. Lord knows the INSIDE source embraces that gull-derned inertia.


Aha...see, that's why I felt so great when I found out alcoholism is a DISEASE! I'm predisposed!! Whoo hooo!! Good to be back reading again, I hope all is well, I'll try to go back and do some catching up!

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