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I agree, the calorie totals seem low to me, the bare minimum for nutrition. Remember though the amount of calories is not what they all had in common, mostly the 5 things above, so maybe it does not matter as much?


Sheesh, even ediets had me eating 1500-1600 calories a day to lose weight. I think the calorie counts may be a bit low, but the basic lessons from the study are absolutely true. I am pretty dismal with writing down my food every day. It just seems like there's always 5 more minutes of TV to watch.


Good to know...thanks for posting this!!


It is so good to be reminded of these tried-and-true principals! Thanks for summarizing them!


I admit to good genetics, an antsy temperament, and a love for running. However, as you already know, I also love carbs, Hef and all kinds of high calorie stuff.


The main part of this that makes me smile is the carb thing; this whole craze with not eating carbs makes me unhappy but who am I to judge? I do, however, have a "support carbs" magnet on my fridge ;)


I really hope that it doesn't take eating such a small amount and burning such a huge amount (an hour of really intense walking = 400 calories for me) of calories EVERY day (heck, I'm lucky to do 30 minutes every other day) to get to a healthy weight and keep it off. Then again, perhaps that's why I keep regaining?


Hi Josie,

Yes, it does seem a bit extreme, or at the very least obvious as to why they lost the weight and kept it off, with a calorie total like that. I think the main thing though is that they all stuck with the five things above for a long time as a way of life, as opposed to just a temporary diet.


You what I don't get? Eating around 1300 calories a day and still being able to burn 400 per day. Isn't that pretty difficult to sustain over a long period of time? Not sure anyone has the answer...though it does make me think that maybe that's why they're losing the weight and I'm not!!!

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