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Strangely, when I was living in the Dump Without a Mirror, my self-image improved. Maybe you should ditch the mirror.


Thanks for the link, FB and I'm glad you liked it. The greatest thing about making things very inspecific and general is that I'm not beating myself up when I miss a morning like today because, eh, I still managed 5 days out of 7 last week and that's just fine. Besides, I figure there are more than enough things designed specifically to make us feel badly about ourselves so why contribute another? BTW, I'm up to 17 minutes (with 5 each cooldown and warmup) most mornings and it really feels pretty good. I don't think it hurts that I'm watching my Sex and the City boxed set only while walking on the treadmill, but it's still walking. :-)


uhm, things are looking ugly for me. I consistently feel like I am NOT DOING ENOUGH, berating myself, wanting to eat LESS and exercise even MORE than the 2 hrs a day I'm doing.


I had to skip a run because I have been feeling poorly. And then my newer computer died, so I had to buy another one -which threw me into a very pissy mood. It wasn't the computer I was planning to replace. I know all about control issues. Believe me. If we ever met, I would probably try to order your Hef for you.


Very good ideas Karen! I think I have been sleeping more soundly after a workout. The class is a good idea too. The whole family joined a gym that is opening up within walking distance, I will post more about that later!!!


What about doing an exercise class? Then you'd get exercise in and it would be at a scheduled time. Just a thought. Also, "they" say that if you exercise you sleep better. So even if you are up a bit later when you do fall asleep maybe your sleep time will be better.

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