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OK, I'm still not on board with your recording/checking in methods but that's b/c I'm too lazy to research it all on past posts. Again yesterday, 2 hours at the gym: 50 min elliptical, 30 min weights, 30 min treadmill. TOday my legs hurt more than usual.
As far as eating, I'm totally taking responsibility for that. I'm sick of eating the crap that the kids demand I being into the house. If I don't make it, I don't eat it.
In that vein, I made a trip to the health food store. Then I went home and prepared sesame noodles and vegetarian sausage and peppers for dinners and lunches this week; I also baked a loaf of ww bread. Other food choices include yogurt, apples, and soup. Breakfast is either a spirulina shake or oatmeal.


Hey, that is great Denise!!

I did 15 minutes on my LifeCycle, level 2. It is 68 here, beautiful, and I was going to go jogging, but the pork-chop I ate said "try to exercise sitting down"!


I did 15 minutes of walking (plus 5 min each w/u and c/d) yesterday. Turns out a DVD episode of Sex and the City is perfect for a 25 minute workout - yay!


I went to yoga tonight. The class was about 1 hour and 15 minutes. I got my 45 minutes in. Yeah!


I ran today, and I do about 6 times per week, so until you get to over an hour a week, I'm OK. Then I might have to get off my butt and do more. (which would be good for me)


Just finished a 15 minute walk / jog on the treadmill!

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