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Thanks! and that is all so great guys! Yesterday evening I went 30 minutes. I split it up 15 minutes on the bike and 15 on the treadmill, and it seemed to work out really well for me. It made the 30 minutes go by much faster too!


I've done four days of 15 minutes each on my week, and I'm feeling pretty good. Still a little tight when I walk up the stairs at work, but not too painful.


You are a great coach! I have been running into some snags too, but I go on short walks with the kids and up and down stairs all the time. I am still working at it.


I would be delighted if I were walking two or three miles a day. I did a mile today. Also, it sounds like the election activities could be adding some steps to your day as well!


A whole hour? I hope I can do it. I think that I'm OK for a couple of hours. And does lawn mowing count? (as long as I don't stop to empty the bag?)

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