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Hiya. I just wanted to say that I noticed all of the positive points to your plan are declarations - "I Will" and the negatives are all possibilities " I Could, or It might". If you rule out all of the 'possibilities' on your pros and cons list, and only make note of the things that are certain to happen if you make these lifestyle changes i.e stick to the plan and you WILL lose weight and it WILL be hard at first, your list would look a lot different!love n stuff, english muffin top.


I am scared of those days off. I can remember a time when I gained 20 pounds after one day off. Damn that cheese tasted good.

I am imagining losing 60 pounds by the end of the school year and everyone going oooh, ahhhh! That is motivation for me. That, and Bikini Skank. After all, I am suffering from being hungry anyway...so I'm going for the gold.

Guess who? My last blog had something to do with jumping. Anyway, hope you'll still be my blog buddy.


EXCELLENT post! I loved all the reasons to do it and you listed my list of negatives to a T. We surely are kindred spirits. I admire you for persevering!


I am hoping that whatever plan works. Any plan will cause progress, won't it? I like your list!


Here's another "pro": You could inspire many on the 'Net to do something good for themselves, too!


I didn't work out at all ast week due to working doubles every day. EVERY DAY! Insane.
But sometime I hope to return to the gym. I'm up with a new URL.

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