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Hard Fat Guy

If I was thin I would be a purple belt in jiu jitsu by now. i would be able to perform all the moves right and have good technique instead of just clumsily rolling over my opponent or getting pushed off like a big fat ball and getting owned. i would be so fit, so thin, that i would never get tired and i would look in the mirror and be proud of my six pack. i would be able to play with my kids and not ashamed of walking around shirtless. i would be proud to have more respect from people (fat people get no respect at all). fat people have to overcompensate and they come off as cocky and overbearing when we're just trying to get taken seriously for crying out loud. my boss looks at me and treats me differently because i'm fat and lethargic and i can't keep up. if i was thin i would get a new job, so people could look at me more. i would get noticed more and girls would talk to me. i wouldn't be scared of the camera and id be less shy. i know women hate fat guys. fat guys get no respect unless we act like dicks and get into fights and act like douches. that's not me. i don;t like to pick on people to get respect. that's terrible. i would just be able to do so much more if i was thin, id rock climb, marathon, more jiu jitsu, etc. id be able to keep up physically with younger guys.


Large steps are overwhelming, but it's the small steps that lead down the road and make progress. They are also habit-forming.

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